In the beginning (1968) there was this girl, see. I was vaguely aware of her from the ski slopes where I had seen her grinning from ear to ear banging through mogul fields at high speed and generally out of control. And then one day, there she was, one of two girls in my zoology lab at Oregon State. Before I had even picked out a place to sit let alone have any clue that we all would be paired up, she brightly asked if I would be her lab partner. Now, some girls might be looking for someone to carry out the frog pithing duties, but in this case I think it was mostly because she liked boys. And that’s how it started. And I did end up pithing all the frogs.


I eventually got around to asking her out on a date. You know, one of those typical dinner or movie things. And she said sure, but could we cut classes and go skiing instead. She had a ride. Now that’s my kind of girl. And yes, we had a blast. She was not one of those coeds more concerned with hair, makeup, and nails. Not if it got in the way of having fun.

In short order we became inseparable and did just about everything together. And it stayed that way right up to now.

Skiing the deep


There's lots more to come. I just gotta have time to put it together