fading away

February 2018

The always cheerful and adventuresome Holly is now receiving Hospice care for her Alzheimers at the adult family home where she lives. It’s been a long grinding trip since she was diagnosed in 2005. We had some fun along the way and she managed to kayak until two years ago with help from special friends. Today her body is fine but her mind is gone. It’s been a long time since she could feed herself. Responsiveness is rare and only in tiny amounts. She has not recognized anyone for a long time and only speaks a word here and there to no one in particular. At least she seems content.

After our very first date (skiing) way back in 1968, we were madly in love with each other and never wanted to be apart again, and seldom were. We did everything together as if joined at the hip. Nearly every weekend was devoted to some activity together. Workmates were envious that I had a wife that skied with me, let alone on the steepest slopes available. But there was silly stuff too, like cross country skiing in the sage, badminton in the yard, and water fights with the neighborhood kids. It was all good. It’s really painful that it ends like this. She has been robbed of all those fun things we were planning to do. For eleven years I did the best I could for her until she needed more than I could give.