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Holly Rocks, 2021

It was a difficult conversation way back in the early days of her Alzheimers, but when she calmed down she said she wanted her ashes spread everywhere. I knew what she meant. We came up with a list which featured lots of rugged places and dramatic waterfalls. Some locations I am not capable of getting to anymore and I decided this year I had to get after it. But there is a timing issue. Her mind is completely gone but her body refuses to give up. So what should I do? Well, I came up with the idea to paint up kindness rocks that show a web address of photos profiling her life, and then place those rocks in place of ashes. What follows is location information for what got placed in 2021. Enjoy the photos and maybe get out and visit some of those sites yourself.

I had so much fun with this that plans are percolating for similar efforts in 2022.


Rock placed nearby, 6/2021 at N 46.97064, W 121.83175, 2,723 feet
Ipsut Falls

Photo taken in 1992 up river from Ipsut Creek at the source of Carbon River. Of course the glacier has receded a great deal since then.
Carbon River Glacier


Rock placed 7/2021 at N 46.86301, W 121.49554, 5,889 feet
Naches Loop Trail

June skiing on the same trail sometime in the 90's.
Naches Loop Trail


Rock placed 8/2021 at the base of this large tree on the cliff edge at N 45.94261, W 121.98498, 823 feet
Ecola tree

Looking south towards Cannon Beach
view from Ecola

Neahkanie Mountain, Oregon

Rock placed 8/2021 at N 45.94261, W 121.98498, 823 feet
Neahkanie Mountain

It was a four generation trek up the mountain to spread mom's ashes and place a Holly rock
Neahkanie Mountain

Holly taking in the view in 1984
Neahkanie Mountain

High Lake, Strawberry Mtn. Wilderness, Oregon

Rock placed 9/2021 at N 44.27986, W 118.68536, 7,300 feet in an off-trail meadow below the lake. The mound in the background is an artesian spring that I discovered sometime in the 80's while elk hunting.
High Lake meadow

High Lake
High Lake

Steens Mountain, Oregon

Rock placed in a side canyon to Kiger Gorge on Steens Mountain, 9/2021 at N 42.71030, W 118.57682, 8,823 feet.
Steens Mountain

Kiger Gorge on Steens Mountain
Kiger Gorge

Alvord Dry Lake Bed Desert

Rock placed 9/2021 at N 42.52298, W 118.47358, 3,996 feet on a hot and smokey day.
Alvord Desert

Alvord Playa
Alvord Desert

Holly on the playa shortly after sunrise, 6/2000
Alvord Desert

Tri Basin Divide, Wyoming

Rock placed in an aspen grove uphill from the Tri Basin sign, 9/2021 at N 42.52543, W 110.68907, 8,610 feet
Tri Basin Divide

Tri Basin Divide
Tri Basin Divide

Shell Canyon, Wyoming

Rock placed downriver from Shell Falls, 9/2021 at N 44.58871, W 107.65407, 5,589 feet
Shell Canyon

Shell Falls
Shell Canyon

Copman's Tomb downriver from the falls
Copman's Tomb'

The opposite side of Shell Canyon
Shell Canyon'