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A First Date

OSU 1968

This was far from my first date but it was the first with Holly. First dates can be awkward and tense but this one was neither. It was crazy good!

But first, a little background. During my sophomore year I walked into my first zoology class lab and was confronted with a bunch of students milling around trying to figure out where they wanted to sit. It was confusing because each desk had room for two chairs and it hadn’t hit me yet that we would be pairing up. I think I was searching for anyone I sort of knew to sit with. The only person I knew was a girl on the other side of the room who was starting to make her way towards me and I really didn’t want anything to do with her. Suddenly Holly popped up right in front of me and brightly asked if I wanted to be her lab partner. I was like a deer in the headlights. “Uh, we have lab partners?” and she nodded in the affirmative with a smile. Now I didn’t want to partner with some squeamish girl to help me cut up live frogs but I really wanted nothing to do with the only other girl in the class either so I said yes without a great deal of enthusiasm. For better or worse I would be stuck with her for the coming quarter. Even though I wasn’t immediately attracted to Holly she was easy going and pleasant and had no problem with the frogs.

Soon we started walking between classes together. Eventually I decided the girl I had been dating was not for me and since I had nothing going on I decided to ask Holly for a date to some local restaurant. I think she had been getting a little impatient waiting for me to act because as soon as I asked she accepted enthusiastically. However, when she said yes she asked if it would be OK if we went skiing instead. Holy cow, I didn’t see that coming. Of course that would be awesome I didn’t have wheels but she had a ride. What could have been better?

OK, more background: when I rode the lift with my buddies invariably someone would say “look, there goes that crazy woman” which meant the one who skied really fast with a giant smile on her face and halfway out of control. Part way down the first run with Holly it hit me like bolt of lightning. I had no clue. I was skiing with the crazy woman! She waited for me at the bottom and we got on the chair. All the way up she kicked snow off of her skis so it would hit me in the face. I really didn’t know how to react. Aren’t girls supposed to be ladylike? The lift operator got all over her for horsing around. At the top she picked up a chunk of snow and started chasing me down the hill. I went as fast as I could but could not shake her so I pulled up real hard. On her way by she grabbed my ski pole and pulled it right out of the handle and took off with it laughing uproariously. At the bottom she made me wrestle her for it, all the while pummeling me with snow or shoving it down my collar. There was no amount of retribution that would make her stop. She really didn’t care how much damage she took. This was a paradigm shift for me. But boy did we have fun. It was the best first date ever. In no time we did everything together to the exclusion of everyone else. My fraternity brothers and Holly’s roommates were rather put out by the change.

There was always some weird water or snow thing with Holly. Sometimes even food. If she had the hose, you were going to get wet. Even if she got drenched in the process. She didn’t care but really enjoyed, even demanded a good fight. Kicking snow on the chair lift never did stop. Trying to wash the car with her was mayhem. One time I was walking toward her dorm that was across from the library fountain and a large crowd had gathered. As I drew closer I could see that a bunch of obnoxious guys were throwing any coed that came by into the fountain. Suddenly all the guys scattered away. There was Holly standing in the fountain with a grin on her face and slinging water at anyone who got close enough. Of course they didn’t know what they were dealing with when they tossed her in. She beckoned me to come rescue the damsel in distress. Riiiiiight. I knew better. She would have pulled me in. Do you have any idea how much she enjoyed watching a bunch of guys running away from her? She was on the university synchronized swimming team so no amount of water was a problem.