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Expedition 2023, Intro

Slate Peak
Looking northwest from Slate Peak across the forest fire smoke over North Cascades National Park
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Welcome to my write-up describing my September 2023 mountain expedition. The primary motivation was to bring my Holly Rock placement and ash spreading campaign to a close, spend quality time in world-class outdoor environments, indulge my passion for photography, and hopefully get in some fly fishing.

As summer was about to close out I had little hope that I would be able do anything active due to Long Covid and it’s associated Post-exertional Malaise (PEM) that had bedeviled me since March. My days had revolved around getting at least 14 hours of rest. Physical exertion would send me straight to bed for a day or more. I tried many remedies without significant improvement. Finally I came across a medication that some have reported being helpful, so I gave it a try. For me it had significant side effects and the included literature indicated that it can take 10 days before it kicks in. Working on faith that putting up with the side effects would be worth it, I started packing a week in advance working at it a little bit each day as energy allowed. I was determined to give it a try, and, if I drove out of town and experienced my usual multi-hour meltdown, I would just give up for the year and drive home.

Fortunately my faith was rewarded and I did quite well. I was careful though. I spent 12 hours each night resting in my cozy bed which coincided very nicely with the current length of night. I rethought my camping process trying to eliminate fussing around in camp which meant faster or no cooking and avoiding the night and morning equipment shift from my bed area to the front seat. I realized I needed a rooftop cargo box and boy did that turn out to be an energy saver. I couldn't be happier with how that turned out.

So off I went up the extremely scenic North Cascades Highway through North Cascades National Park towards Harts Pass with everything I needed for at least a week in the mountains. If the weather held I was prepared to stay longer. If my PEM required resting horizontal for a day or two, I was prepared for that as well.

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