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Expedition 2023, Desert Flowers

A small section of Lower Goose Lake where I was camped. There is a boat ramp at the end of a gravel road but no other facilities. From the boat ramp there is a rugged two track that takes off through sand, sometimes rough bedrock, that winds all over the place. With my high clearance 4x4 sporting big tires, getting around was a fine adventure.

Lower Goose Lake

It seems improbable that there would be flowers during September, a month with likely the lowest soil moisture. But there they were, spread evenly amongst the sage and bunch grass.

It was a little too cold for these flowers to be open early in the morning. Notice the rain drop splats in the soil.

Orange Flower

Something in the pea family growing flat to the ground and covered with sun reflecting and moisture loss preventing hairs.

Purple Pea

Fuzzy seed pods on the same pea plant

Purple Pea

Baily's Buckwheat (Eriogonum baileyi). Popular with honeybees.

White Flowers

White Flowers

Lavender Flowers

Gold Flowers

Gold Flowers

OK, not a flower. They were trundling around on the sand all over the place so I could hardly not take a photo.


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