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Expedition 2023, Day 5

The view from my campsite on Goat Peak as I was about to leave in the morning.

Morning View

On my way through town I stopped back at the sporting goods store to tell the young lady what a good suggestion she had given me. She was pleased and then shared this photo from her friend in the lookout of the Northern Lights taken while I was asleep. I was on the wrong side of the mountain and in the trees so I would have been none the wiser in any case.


From Winthrop I headed east toward Loup Loup while listening to my new favorite radio station (KTRT 97.5). I found Loup Loup to be completely without appeal and the creeks were all dried up. The ski area there wasn’t large but it was nice and steep. Seeing no other prospects nearby I set my sights toward Drumheller Channels to the south near Othello by way of Wenatchee and Quincy. It was a very nice drive down the Methow and Columbia and across the extensive agricultural fields. My target was a specific famous columnar basalt formation but unfortunately my gps coordinates were incorrect. I never found it and will have to make a return trip. I really want to drop a Holly rock down one of those crevices where it can be seen but not retrieved. I hear Nick inadvertently dropped his rock hammer down one years ago and it is still there.

Photos of Nick Zentner of Eastern Washington University

Basalt Columns

Basalt Formation

The best I could do was find the Drumheller monument wayside and this is the view. Not what I wanted.

Drumheller Channels

From there I found a two track into Seep Lakes Recreation Area to boondock at Lower Goose Lake. That whole area was completely deserted which was nice. However it chaps my you know what that there are idiots who leave hordes of shell casings on the ground as well as shot up tin cans. Weather was coming and the wind was blowing so hard I could not keep my chair upright. When my dinner food came out I got swarmed by a cloud of Yellowjackets as bad as I have ever seen. I ended up eating in the truck with the air conditioning running because, in contrast to the frost in Winthrop, it was 81 degrees. But hey, there were no mosquitoes on any part of the trip. My evening walk was nice in spite of the wind. I like this country but I’m probably biased. It’s similar to where I grew up.

sand two-track

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