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Wyoming Trip By The numbers

Fossil Fish

0 - Number of insect bites. Given how much mosquitos like to single me out this is truly remarkable.

0 - Restaurant or fast food meals consumed. All of my meals were dehydrated before departure and augmented with fresh vegetables, fruit and meat along the way. Dietary limitations make this necessary.

0 - The amount of junk food consumed. This means no chips, fries, ice cream, candy, or cookies. It can be done!

0 - Grizzly bear sightings. No tracks either.

0 - Trout that were consumed. All were released unharmed. Larger fish were unhooked without using a net and without removing them from the water. Wild trout are too valuable to be killed. Since that was my intention I did not bring a frying pan.

0 - Campfires lit.

0 - Dirtbags encountered. I will expound upon this later.

2 - Gear failures; one flatted tire and one broken air compressor, a critical combination.

2 - Total sodas consumed, one on the long drive across southern Idaho and one on the way back across Washington.

3 - Motels stayed in. One each in Kemmerer, Buffalo, and Cody. I otherwise did just fine washing down al fresco in the warm dry Wyoming weather.

3 - Black bears encountered in the field.

4 - Moose encountered while in the woods. Bull moose during the rut are goofy.

4 - Number of times I crossed the continental divide, twice on long arduous dirt roads.

4 - New gear acquired enroute. One sock hat because I mistakenly thought I had lost mine, a new and much better cook pot, and a quick-dry shirt and pants better than what I had for wet-wading small streams.

100 - Approximate number of Golden Eagles observed in one sitting hovering over Steens Mountain.

100% - The number of sunny days in Oregon and Wyoming. Forest fire smoke was a different story.

660 - Longest number of miles driven in one day and this does not include driving around on the Alvord playa and a side trip to Mickie Hot Springs. It started on Steens Mountain, Oregon and ended alongside the Grays River east of Alpine, Wyoming. I suppose technically it was not in one day since it did not terminate until the wee hours of the next day, but it was one continuous leg. Now you know why I needed a large Coca Cola that day. I didn't mind the drive and it got the only really boring leg of the journey out of the way in one fell swoop.

5,000 - Approximate number of miles driven.

Countless - The number of antelope sighted. Wyoming has as many antelope as people and as many as the rest of North America combined. The current Wyoming antelope population is around 400k and obviously I didn't see that many.

53,000,000 - The age of the fish fossils I freed from their limestone tomb in Kemmerer.

162,000,000 - The age of the bivalve fossils I picked up near Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite, 97,000,00 years older than the last dinosaur that tromped around on the planet.